Syslog-ng is a great tool that can be used to log messages from both local and remote hosts. I will focus on a project that i have for my summer training. The project objective is to set up a syslog server which logs a switch and queries the dhcp for logs  on leased ip`s every 5 minutes. For those who may not know , DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and it uses a client-server model to get requests for configuration and IP`s from client machines. A switch on the other hand is a layer 2 (OSI model) device which creates separate collision domains and enhances the perfomance of a network. Before proceeding to the actual project, there are some topics that need to be given attention. Please note that i am doing this project as a layman in Linux and most networking concepts, so your comments will be truly accepted and appreciated. In the next post, i will look at a protocol called SNMP,(Simple Network Management Protocol)